New game: Rush to the Horizon

Hello to all our regular visitors. For this occasion, We made a special gift for you: a new flash game called
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First software !

It was very suspicious: the website banner indicated Game and Software Development but no software was available ...
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Welcome to Nemega Software website ! We have been making games and softwares for years and we hope you will enjoy them. We are also very sensitive to online/networking development and have planned to create more and more applications that comply with this view.
Sooo enjoy your visit !
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05/08/2010 - New game: Rush to the Horizon by Nega
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19/05/2009 - First software ! by Nega
07/03/2009 - Fast project ! by Nega
30/08/2008 - The GameNe is coming up... by Nega
21/08/2008 - Goodbye Xtreme Soft ! by Nega
Game: Nemegraphe
NemeGraphe is a puzzle game where you use logic to mark each square as full or empty, revealing an unknown picture.
If you like Picross/Logigraph/Nonogram/Hanjie games, you will love this game as well.
The aim of the game is simple: fill the board with squares to d...
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Game: Super Pang Revolution
THE Pang/Burster Bros remake ! The famous game of our childhood has been cleaned up et refreshed just for you ! The goal is simple: burst bubbles, again and again, but avoid them. Gameplay is the easiest one and the game offers you beautiful landscapes every 10 levels (t...
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