New game: Rush to the Horizon

Hello to all our regular visitors. For this occasion, We made a special gift for you: a new flash game called
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First software !

It was very suspicious: the website banner indicated Game and Software Development but no software was available ...
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Welcome to Nemega Software website ! We have been making games and softwares for years and we hope you will enjoy them. We are also very sensitive to online/networking development and have planned to create more and more applications that comply with this view.
Sooo enjoy your visit !
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05/08/2010 - New game: Rush to the Horizon by Nega
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19/05/2009 - First software ! by Nega
07/03/2009 - Fast project ! by Nega
30/08/2008 - The GameNe is coming up... by Nega
21/08/2008 - Goodbye Xtreme Soft ! by Nega
Project: TWOS
The World of Sonic is both a game and a complete level editor. Use this to create your own Sonic game easier and faster than any programming language. It will contain various editors such as level, characters, scenarios, music, and more... . An Alpha and Pre-Beta version...
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Tutorial: Moo en détails
Do you own Multimedia Fusion ? Do you want de create an online game ? Follow me......
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